Nouvelle version pour ce frontend destiné à Mame (qui fait bien plus de chose que ça), en voici les nouveautés:

– With Version 4 GameEx now features a DVD Player (complete menu and chapter navigation) with support for FFDSHOW, choice of MPEG 2 codec, and an all formats Video Player. These features have an on screen display, have support for various aspect ratios, and can be controlled with a Gamepad, Arcade controls, remote control and keyboard (you can navigate a DVD’s menu and chapters with all devices) The Video module can also play DVR-MS using FFDSHOW (on Windows XP). Videos and DVD’s can also show at ArcadeVGA resolutions on an Arcade Monitor at the correct aspect ratios. Snap shots can also be taken for all of your videos/movies, and this is now stable with version 4 and above. NOTE: DVD Software, Codecs/FFDSHOW required
– The GameEx window can now be minimized.
– Various bug fixes.
– Improvements and better error handling when GameEx sets the resolution.
– Should fix slow down after running about 20 emulated games.
– A very special thanks to Alden Torres for working with me and providing so well the underlying DVD and Video features.

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