Un émulateur de Sega Dreamcast et Naomi prometteur. Programmé par Wind (principal codeur), CaH4e3 (co-codeur), Ajax16384 (co-codeur).

– OGL1 and DX plugins are removed;
– added debug version of the emulator. Debugger turns on automatically in Interpreter mode;
– added option to launch GPU and SPU plugins in separate threads. On multicore CPUs this can add about 20-30% of speed. However SPU plugin in this mode may give unpredictable results;
– added function render-to-texture. REZ, RE:CV, CT, ILLBLEED and some other games should look much better now;
– added smoothing of paletted textures. Ikaruga looks as it should now;
– fixed AICA DMA, improved sound synchronization;
– added new DMA for PVR2. Sonic Shuffle now reaches ingame;
– fixed bugs in GD-ROM DMA;
– fixed launch of WINCE GD-ROM;
– added option to turn on DSP in SPU plugin.

Télécharger Demul (x86) v0.5.8.2 (852.9 Ko)

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