Nouvelle version pour ce frontend dont voici les nouveautés:

– In order to stop common support problems, and make the installation smoother, GameEx will not install and prompt you if either the .net framework or DirectX9 is not installed.
– There is also no longer an option to download and install the .net framework in the install, as this would not work on some systems. Also DirectX is not downloadable from the install, as this required a reboot.
– This ensures basic requirements are met for GameEx solving a few support requests. It will also allow a Wizard to be run from the install at a later date, as I can be certain the framework is installed.
– The install also has an option to setup GameEx in ‘lite’ mode just for games usage. These should hopefully make some users happy.
– Language support has also been improved. Languages are now stored in the config folder, and are global across all themes and independent unlike before. The current language can also be set from the configuration application. This should make it a lot easier for updating the language files while extending to any theme, and I hope to see some updates and new ones soon 🙂
– There is a new theme ‘GameEx Animated’ which animates the background slightly by stretching. The default theme also animates. It is extremely subtle much like MCE. If you want to do this in your own themes, set anibak=true in your theme.ini file. I’d like feedback on this.
– The default loading screen has been replaced with something a bit more cool.
– There a new setting under Display, to have GameEx not switch resolution, and run full screen at the current windows/desktop resolution.

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