Les nouvelles icones de MAMu_ sont disponibles. On passe de 4152 à 4178 icones.

-Updated to 0.98
-well, as usual, new icons, changed, renamed, etc
-added daphne zinc and mage icons. Next Emuloader should
accept the pack zipped like that, keeping folder hierarchy.
-added 2 batchs, one in unneeded folder, one in root, unzip & use:
one removes UI icons from root, the other readd these.
-for a better look and faster experience, you should better unzip
the icons.zip to a icons directory (iconsicons) and set your
frontend or mame32 dir to « iconsicons »… Thx 🙂

-If you want to display more icons, use MAME32Plus option:
Options/Interface Options/Use Driver Icon for Not Working Game

Télécharger MAMU Icons Pack v0.145u4 (23,1 Mo)

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