Un émulateur de Chip8 tout simplement !

– save state/load state is done in memory, no files are created from this
– h-wrap/v-wrap means sprite wrapping. disabling v-wrap will fix Blitz
– cheat means disabled sprite collision
– random AND means ANDed random function. deselect for modulo random function,
needed by at least Rocket2
– the emulator supports ROM loading from commandline
– screen refresh is very slow, especially on an enlarged window. blame gdi,
or me for not having used ddraw. window size x1 should be fastest
– if a game runs too slow or too fast, fiddle with the cpu speed or timing
– use gcc/mingw to compile. credit me if you reuse source code
– don’t blame me if your fish ate your homework, or anything else bad happens
due to your use or misuse of this emulator
– the emulator is freeware, and so are the ROMs, and so are your children, and
your children’s children

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