Un émulateur de Nintendo NES.

– this is an alpha version, expect inspectacularity. the source is a mess too:
it’s based on my chip8 emulator, ha
– no sound, no savestates, no joypad, no FDS, no (G)UI, no anything else
– hybrid accuracy: cycle exact mixed with scanline based sprite engine
– supported iNES mappers: 0-5,7,9-11,13,32-34,40,66,68,71,87,119,185
– zipped files are supported
– load a rom by using the commandline, or drag&drop a file into the exe
– use gcc/mingw to compile. credit me if you reuse source code
– sega li hates slow computers
– sega li likes to crash when you feed it an unsupported rom, or no rom
– sega li is freeware

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