Basé sur Atari800 & Atari800Win, cette version « PLus » est plus aboutit.

– Ability to run the separate thread for core emulation procedures. This should reduce the crippling of sound. Since the whole Atari800 core and Atari800Win PLus graphical framework are not designed to work in multithreading environment this option is highly experimental. In case any problems turning this option off is recommended. Due to numerous problems threaded emulation is turned off in full screen modes.
– Bugs in colours palette configuration introduced in previous version are now removed.
– Options LABELS from debugger is now able to read label file generated by new X-Assembler and Mad-Assembler.
– Support for 2 new cart images in AtariMax format.

Télécharger Atari800Win PLus v4.1 (3,2 Mo)

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