Un émulateur ZX Spectrum conçu pour tourner sous Windows 2000/XP. Il porte le surnom de « Unreal » car il possède des fonctions que n’ont jamais eu les vrai Spectrum tel que : sauvegarder/chargement rapide, catpure d’écran, pause, accélération…

– Fixed bug in TV+noflic. [fb AlCo]
– Video filters menu on F4 / SHIFT-F4.
– Fixed general sound BASS mode: Sound effects not played. (bug since ver 0.28)
– OSD GS led continue show volume after sample stop for looped samples.
– Fixed bug in frame resampler – crash on full border mode. [fb Alex/AT]
– Fixed bug in frame resampler that caused additional flicker.
– Better contrast in frame resampler. (less frames to mix => more contrast)
– Frame resampler works with all renders, for slow (less then 600mhz) machines use 8-bit ddraw driver. it is b/w and does not use MMX probably there are bugs with ddraw/ddrawh. ddrawt/blt/ovr work fine.
– For LCD monitors, pls use refresh=60 with « frame resampler »: LCDs can’t switch pixels so fast and picture worse with higher rates.
– Added SMUC version ports. (#5FBA & #5FBE) [sb deathsoft]
– Border (port #FE) not cleared on reset. [sb deathsoft]
– KAY-256/1024: himem,ROMs. (note that ROMs in the net have invalid pages order)
– Scorpion port #1FFD decoded as in real scheme. pentagon soft may not work.
– Some changes in overlay render. (may not work on old vcards, i don’t care)
– Removed unnecessary screen mode switches when entering monitor.
– Modem: Speccy able to control transfer mode and rate. [code by Alex/AT]
– Modem: Fixed bug – could read trash byte from input buffer. [fb Alex/AT]
– IDE/ATAPI cdrom (needs physical drive or windows-level emulated device)

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