On termine cette journé avec un work in progress de la part de Haze et le system E :

Gerald managed to pick up a System E version of Sega Tetris (much less common than the System 16A/B versions that most people are familiar with). I plugged it into my System E driver in MAME and it works mostly fine, but with a minor glitch in attract mode on the Insert Coin text.

Thankfully this game wasn’t encrypted, however things aren’t looking good for the other system E games such as Fantasy Zone 2 and Opa Opa.. The only boards we’ve seen have been dead, and without a working CPU it is 100% impossible to decrypt the code and given the age of the things I wouldn’t be surprised if they were all dead because the batteries aren’t meant to last this long. It is CRITICAL that we find those in working condition along with any other system E titles.

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