Pas mal de nouveaut¨¦s dans cette premi¨¨re b¨¦ta d’EmuZWin v2.7 :

[-] Debugger: editing registers fixed.
[-] Debugger GS: setting breakpoints fixed.
[-] LoadZ80 plug-in fixed (can be updated for earlier versions).
[-] Loading from ZIPs, containing several snapshots, fixed.
[-] FastLDIR and FastHALT emulation fixed (LSD and may be some other multicolor demos were slowed down).
[*] If emulation was paused when it was closed last time, it starts also paused.
[*] If open file dialog was opened from the full-screen (using F3), it is returning to the full-screen mode after loading the file (if success).
[*] Better sound quality when emulation speed is set to less then 50%.
[*] Faster starting.
[+] Configurable preventing of launching another instance of the application added.
[+] Threshold added for joystick configuration.
[+] A lot of improvements in the built-in Assembler (MACRO, PROC, STRUCT, ENUM, conditional compilation with IF … ELSEIF … ELSE … EIF, conditional pseudo-instructions IFcond … ELSE… EIF, LOOP…ELOOP/ELOOPB, other new directives FOR, DUP, DEFINE, =, INCLUDE , elements of §³ – -, syntax highlighting, etc., see documentation on built-in assembler).
[+] Video Recording (AVI) provided.
[+] Saving sound to WAVE provided via SaveWave plugin.
[+] Saving sound to MP3 provided via SaveMP3 plugin (a codec allowing such conversion should be installed, such as MPEG Layer-3 or LAME MP3).
[+] Issue2 and Issue3 support added (though not exact emulation but simulation).
[+] Blur Motion effect (super-smooth scrolls in domos) added for Direct-X full screen only (see in Configuration).
[+] Turbo-AY support added (by default turned off, since some demo can use ports in conflicting way).

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