Nouvelle version de Yape.

Yape 0.63 brings you an awesome new feature, again never seen before in any other Commodore 264 family emulator: the never born machine, the Commodore V364 prototype, got emulated this time. Check out my summary about the way of using speech on it. With this all members of the CBM 264 family are now supported by Yape in both PAL and NTSC setups. The main changes in this release are:

* Commodore V364 prototype support (Windows XP or MS Speech API 5.1 required)
* processor level Commodore 1581 disk drive emulation (WD1772, CIA)
* D81 disk image format support (read only)
* emulate a TED glitch in graphic mode
* fixed a regression bug when saving tapes to WAV format
* a couple of bugfixes

Télécharger YAPE (Win9x) v1.0.4 (1,1 Mo)

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