Ca va pas fort chez AgeMAME, on essaye malgré tout de trouver un intéret au build. Tout dépendera des contributions…

I feel I have to apologise for leading you all on with promises of something interesting.
At the time, I was working on adding support for BFMulator style ‘layouts’ to AGEMAME, (ab)using the MAME artwork system.

However, while adding the support needed to drive the lights on the test machine, it became clear that such a system would
drain system resources to nothing. As a consequence, it has had to be pulled from the release builds.

However, in the months to come I will be placing the source for this engine on the site, with some artwork calculation spreadsheets
I made, and perhaps someone somewhere can find a way of making the system work.

I must stress though, that this has not been time wasted, as during the process Re-Animator has contributed yet more to the Bellfruit drivers,
and I’ve been adding a few little bonuses too.

And anyway, I never know just what I’ll find in the submissions tray between now and release day.

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