Nouvelle version du meilleur émulateur Saturn dont voici les nouveautés :

* It corrected to dual core CPU just for a moment.
* Although SSF is measuring time by TSC,
* It seems that a difference occurs at the TSC count-up speed of each core by Cool’n’Quiet.
* Although the problem was avoidable by making the rate of CPU use 100% for the time being, there must be a better method.
* When operation becomes quick with the dual core CPU (especially reproduction of CDDA),
* Please put a check into Enable Idle Thread of an option.
* Although there is a portion which corrected to others, since it is the test version, the soft check of operation has not been carried out.
* The SH2 command was corrected.
* The stage selection screen of a GANGURI phon is repaired.
* Drawing processing of the surface of revolution of VDP2 was changed.

J’ai aussi mis à jour la liste de compatibilité de SSF.

Télécharger SSF v0.12 Beta R4 (1,2 Mo)

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