Nouvelle version de ce très bon émulateur Multi-Arcade.

* Added new games : Pang, Super Pang, Poker ladies, Block Block.
All of them playable with sound, adapted from mame.

* Added sound support to these games based on the nmk004 findings in mame:
macross, black heart, bio ship paladin, strahl, acrobat mission, mustang,
thunder dragon, and even hacha mecha fighter but this one is still totally

For mustang, I switched to mustang original set instead of the bootleg
version to avoid the infamous seibu sound system, so you’ll have to update
your romsets.
Congratulations go to the mame team for that, everyone has been wondering
how this sound emulation worked for YEARS !
* Fixed the file size recorded in the wav files, when recording
raine_soud.wav, and the alignement byte which prevented the sound to play
in the microsoft media player ! The wav file format is probably one of the
stupidest file formats ever invented !
* add the ability to save screenshots in png (default now). You can set the
compression level by editing the configuration file. Also you can now use
a png file for the raine default background picture !
* Add a new command to save a « video », or more exactly a sequence of
screenshots (preferably in png), and at the same time a wav file. You will
still need something like mplayer to merge everything together.
See README.videos in the docs directory for the details.
* fixed sound not starting when loading a saved game before qsound has been
initalised in the capcom games (also fix a few stupid bank switches here
and there).
* When choosing the best video resolution if all the available resolutions
where too small, then you got a ridiculously small resolution. Now you get
the bigest one.
* Added artwork bezel support – see README.bezels in the docs directory.
* Fixed bad sound in bjtwin and sabotenb, now there are no cracks any more.
* Fix a very old bug where the default directories for screen_dir
(snapshots) and roms became «  », translated to « / ». I never noticed it
because I always use the same config…
* Fix a 1 pixel alignement issue for the text layer in do donpachi (I never
noticed it before because I usually don’t have time to read the text in
dodonpachi ! I finally saw it because I recorded a video in dodonpachi!).
* For windows choose a windowed default video mode to avoid any problem with
weird setups which have vido sync problems. For the other OSes, choose a
default resolution based on the video modes really available, take the 1st
from 320×240.
* dx2 emudx file format : graphics for emudx are now stored in .dx2 files,
which should be available from These files are smaller than
the original .dx files (and it’s more convinient to work with these). The
emudx files can now be placed either in the main raine directory for
compatibility or in the emudx sub directory. .dx files are not supported
anymore for the graphics.
* Added hammer music to donkey kong… It’s generated from a midi file, oh
well, if someone can do something better, let me know !
* Unix behaviour : a long time ago I accepted a patch to make raine to use a
personnal dir, and a system wide dir for its files in linux, but I never
took the time to test this since I have always used only 1 dir for raine.
Well, it didn’t work, raine always used one of these 2 instead of trying
the personnal dir first and then the system wide directory. It’s now fixed
for raine.dat, hiscore.dat, history.dat, the snapshots, the language
files, and the bezels.

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