Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur de GBA/GBC/GB/Lynx dont seul les sources sont disponibles.

– GBA: Converted the DMA registers into arrays, rather than having them as a gazillion different variables.
– GBA: Replaced the if() alpha-blending clamping mechanism with a simple LUT.
– GBA: Removed some apparently unnecessary if() statements in the graphics rendering code.
– GBA: Made a few experimental optimizations to the graphics rendering code( >> 24 changed to & 0xFF000000 in some of the priority comparison code).
– GBA: Played around with some optimizations in the « gfxDrawTextScreen » function.
– GBA: Restructured the CPU emulation code, so I don’t have to recompile one giant file when I make a small change(and so it doesn’t use totally obscene amounts of RAM during compilation).
– GBA: The sound flushing routine was returning and setting the wrong values, totally breaking the speed-throttling code. Fixed.
– GB: Slightly increased the video contrast and brightness of the original GameBoy’s emulation.
– GBA: Extended the BLIP buffer size, fixing a startup emulator crash with « Midway’s Greatest Arcade Hits », and possibly other games.
– Updated the documentation with better explanations in a few areas, and fixed a few errors.

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