Nouvelle version de M1 sorti hier ! (celui qui comprend celle là a le droit de manger ce midi).

Changes include:

* Fixed major bug where songs with fixed volumes in the list file would break normalization until the app was restarted
* Fixed years on Ridge Racer series, Matrimelee, and Final Romance 4
* Fixed manufacturer on Ace Attacker
* Fixed clipping on blswhstl
* Fixed ROM loading in shdancer (crashed in Linux, bad playback on Windows)
* Fixed parent/clone relationships for missb2, cottonj, gt3dv18, and tp2m32
* Added Final Lap R, Ghost Lop, Jockey Grand Prix, V-Liner, Dimahoo, and Progear
* Fixed command format for vs2v991 (now can select all songs)
* Fixed startup delay for the Parodius, GX400, and Double Dribble drivers so the first song plays properly
* Reduced PSG volume in Space Harrier and Hang-On
* Updated IREM CPU decryption for the M92 driver to latest from MAME, should fix some small issues with those games
* Reduced startup time of IREM M72/81/83/97/99 driver substantially
* Rebalanced IREM M72/81/83/97/99 driver to reduce DAC pop when changing songs
* Fixed -r sample rate switch in command line M1 to work properly
* Fixed SCSP drivers to work at sample rates other than 44100
* (Linux) Changed ALSA driver to hopefully be more compatible

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