Encore une nouvelle version de GameEX (la 5eme de la journée déjà..):

maj: la 5.04 est sortie (qui a dit que c’était du grand n’importe quoi?)

* Fixes audio fade when launching MAME
* Should fix GameEx is closed when exiting attract mode.

– Better, more accurate MAME process checking (works with u7)
– Tweaks to automatic MAME snap video creation.

– Fix: Bypass Disclaimer/Warnings was hanging. Should be working sweet now. Please report if not.

– Fix: When leaving attract mode GameEx would sometimes close and end.

– Video/DVD on screen display now displaying again, and now always showing when it needs to.
– Fixes/tweaks to MAME bypass warning and disclaimer settings.
– Should fix functions2.isplaying start up error that some users where experiencing.
– The biggest change is you can now specify an advanced configuration file for any emulator.
– Featuring joytokey style Joystick to keyboard mapping.
– Play visual pinball with a gamepad!
– Ability to check for additional processes before exiting a game.
– Monitor X-Arcade/SlikStik/Back button for exiting game, and/or Escape key.
– The ability to send a key to the emulator to exit cleanly instead of ending the process. Example: Alt-F4 for Project 64, Q for ZSNES
– Specify a joystick combination to exit emulator.
– Also in this release:
Enhanced SendKeys functions for emulators and applications. Now uses API calls, allowing SendKeys to work with all apps.
Use Gamepad to key mapping for daphne, including credit and start button.

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