Encore une nouvelle version de Gameex (un frontend multi-ému et qui fait lecteur de DVD etc…voir même le café):

– DVD Player now works with NVIDIA Codec, and likely a few others too.

– Fixes issue with startup error loading a bmp when it should be loading a png and graphics transparency in 5.07
– Play Video/MNG DLL’s upgraded to Visual Studio .net 2003.

– Themes now support PNG’s
– All themes included in install converted to PNG’s. No more Bitmaps.
– This means the GameEx install now takes a third of the hard disk space, and the Install file itself is 1.5MB smaller.
Note: This does not mean transparency/alpha is now supported.
– New shortcut in Start Menu program group to create MAME snap videos for every game!
– You can also use this to create missing MNG videos from Crashtests set. It wont overwrite existing. Have a video for ‘every’ single game 😉
– I’d like feedback on the above.
– Uninstall no longer deletes custom input file and included advanced emulator configs.
– I highly recommend doing an uninstall before installing this version to free up about 200MB of hard disk space by deleting all the old theme bitmaps.
– Your own themes using bitmaps should still work, if you’ve modified the included themes, as usual back them up before uninstalling or installing.

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