Et oui, le record de Mame v0.81u9 est explosé avec Mame v0.99u10 ^_^

Quoi de neuf:


Source Changes
Fixed bug in INP recording that crashed MAME. [Aaron Giles]

Added some small optimizations to the Namco System 22 3D renderer.
[Aaron Giles]

Fixed interrupt problem in the M37710 core that caused problems with the
recent Namco update. [Aaron Giles]

Fixes to the recent Namco sound update: [R. Belmont]
* Fixed incorrect voices in System 11/12 games
* Fixed swapped stereo in System 11/12 games
* Fixed missing sound in Namco Classics games

Added conditional DIP switches to 10 Yard Fight driver. [Curt Coder]

Added and wired up color PROM for Truco Clemente, but still missing a
transform. [Roberto Fresca]

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Monsters World [David Haywood]

New clones added
Surprise Attack (World Ver. K) [Corrado Tomaselli]
Power Instinct 2 (Japan) [EGCG]
Chuugokuryuu II (ver. 100J, Japan) [EGCG]

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