Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur Tandy TRS80 dont voici les changements:

1. Added a directory structure to deal with multiple emulation platforms. Each model has its
own directory. Each directory contains the ROM and RAM files for emulation of that specific
model. This directory structure must be maintained since the emulator searches for the
ROM file using this tree structure. The directories are:

+– M100
+– M102
+– T200
+– PC8201

2. Option ROMs are now loaded based on the model being emulated. Old Option ROM selection
will be lost and must be re-selected.

3. Support for the M102, T200, and PC8201 have been added. Loading and saving BASIC files
for the PC8201 will cause an error that will « crash » the emulation and dump the RAM contents.
The BASIC tokens for the NEC machines are different than the Tandy machines and the tokenizer
has not been updated yet.

4. Partial support for ReMem and Rampac have been added under the « Emulation, Memory Options »
menu item. Emulation is not fully supported yet and selecting anything but « Base Memory »
will cause unexpected results.

5. A HEX memory editor has been added in the « Tools, Memory Editor » menu item. The editor is
fully functional except the « Load » and « Save » options under the file menu.

6. The « Tools, Disassembler » has been updated to disassemble the M102, T200, and PC8201 ROMS.

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