Quelques infos du coté de R. Belmont et du dev de ZiNc:

ZiNc is undergoing a fairly major reconstruction and cleanup at the moment. Thus far I’ve gotten it to compile with no warnings on GCC’s strictest settings (smf can explain how that’s a miracle) and reworked a bunch of type-unsafeness that would cause problems if I wanted to compile a 64-bit version. I’m now reorganizing the source a little so there are folders for logical groupings, and the next step is to rip out all of the non-SPU sound support and replace it with a stripped down version of M1. That will have multiple benefits, including making it both possible and easy to support things like the music in Brave Blade and Beastorizer.

Traduction tres rapide pour les non anglophones, dans les grandes lignes:

Reconstruction, reorganisation et nettoyage des sources. Ca se compile sans messages d’erreur sous GCC, ce qui semble etre un miracle… prochaine étape, virer le support des sons non SPU, et remplacer tout ca avec les nouveautes de M1. Plusieurs avantages, dont notemment le support de la zique dans Brave Blade et Beastorizer.

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