Basé sur MAME cet émulateur supporte uniquement les gambling machines (jeux d’argent). Il s’agit du build Windows. Anciennement connu sous le nom de MAGE.

Significant renaming of Scorpion 2 games and ROMs (you are recommended to audit your sets using a MAME ROM audit tool,
obviously using age.exe as your ‘MAME executable’)
Dr Who now uses an amended ROMset, rather than the artificially decrypted one we were running.

Changed all AGEMAME inputs to MAME defaults, to allow for better compatibility with MAME in future
(a default.cfg file is provided for this release, placing it in your AGEMAME cfg folder will configure
MAME’s button mappings to the AGEMAME standard.

Added all the relevant updates from 0.99u1 to 0.100 (see whatsnew.txt for those)

This means Forte Card, Jackpot Pool, Muroge Monaco, Witch, Pinball Champ ’95, Cuore Uno, Elephant Family and Royal Card
are all now included here too (grazie, Roberto and ta, Dave!).

Added new AGEMAME specific games; Top Poker, Luvvly Jubbly, Club Public Enemy No.1, Club Grandslam, Club Attraction. (Re-Animator)

Added better support for MPU4 Video, but it still doesn’t work

To better test this, three variants of The Crystal Maze, The Mating Game, Skill Trek and Turn Over are all included.
Incidentally, if anyone feels an urge to add the transmit support to MESS’s mc6850 core, this would help a lot.

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