Nouvelle version beta (beta 3) de cet émulateur Sega 8 bits dont voici les nouveautés:

MEKA 0.72 WIP 20050919
– Added black & white border in tilemap viewer.
– Added fadeout when quitting (only 32-bits mode supported).
– Fixed source package (yesterday’s one was broken).

MEKA 0.72 WIP 20050918
– Miscellaenous:
– (WIP) Fixed screenshots being fully transparent. [Omar]
– Updated various tidbits in the configuration file. [Omar]
– Development:
– Added tilemap viewer. [Omar]
– Shows tilemap, hovering or clicking a tile shows specific info
about it, allows filtering BG/FG, disabling tile flipping, tile
flipping, display of scrolling box, with or without raster effects.
– Cleaned Technical Information Viewer content, renamed a few fields
to their official names, removed redundant information. It’s not
yet all clean. [Omar]

MEKA 0.72 WIP 20050910
– Development:
– Debugger:
– Added line history. Navigate history by pressing Up/Down.
List or search in history using HISTORY (HI) command. [Omar]
– Fixed various bugs: scrollbar display during theme switch,
memory editor scrollbar crashing, etc.
– Sources/Project
– (Win32) Now linking to zlib.lib instead of zlibs.lib (name for standard
static build of ZLIB).

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