Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur multi-arcades dont voici les changements:

* Haze added diverboy, mugsmash, cross pang.
* I added Jumping pop, and Tetris 2+ (or fixed it since there was a
preliminary driver in raine since 0.28, but it was really the begining).
I also added the esd16 driver from mame, with multi champ, multi champ
deluxe, and head panic. All of these are using lots of colors !
* A few fixes for extreme video modes situations (linux console). WARNING:
if you want to play with the frame buffer in linux, use allegro 4.2.0,
frame buffer support has been broken for a very long time in
* Also some fixes to really prevent raine from changing the current video
mode if the user forbids it or if the current video driver can’t give
the list of supported video modes by the monitor (which is the case of
frame buffer driver for linux).
* Bezel fixes : when the video mode is not automatically changed, the bezel
now adapts to the current mode (instead of not displaying anything).
Also if you load a 2nd game which also uses a bezel, the 2nd bezel is now
correctly handled.
* The buffer for the history.dat is doubled (for dkong for example), I
should probably use a dynamic buffer for that… maybe later.
* Now raine supports multiple layouts / gfx layers, and is automatically
calling make_solid_mask for a region when a layout is defined for it.
gfx[n] always contains the nth layer in the layouts list, and gfx_solid[n]
is the result of the call of make_solid_mask on this region, and
max_sprites[n] contains the number of sprites for this area.
Also the driver’s loading function is now called BEFORE the layouts are
applied, which allows to decrypt/convert the sprites and still use
automatically the layers. This should have been added a long time ago, it
became obvious just recently with all these drivers which needed manual
graphics decoding.
* raine does its own tests for svgalib in linux now. If it does not detect
vga.h at the standard places when compiling, then svgalib support is
* Fixed the fg layer of the 2nd tc100scn not updated in thundfox (thundfox
seems to be the only game which uses a 2nd fg layer, so it escaped me !)
* while testing stuff with the eeproms, fixed pang3j which never worked (!),
and added service mode controls for the pirates driver.
* fine tune the music of the hammer in donkey kong so that the other sounds
can be heared while it’s playing.

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