DAPHNE est le 1er émulateur LaserDisc. Il tourne sous Windows 95/98/2000/XP. En voici les améliorations:

– added game driver for Dragon’s Lair 2 support (with Dragon’s Lair samples). Dragon’s Lair 2 can also be plugged directly to a real LDP-1450 via serial port.
– added game driver for MACH 3 support (with samples)
– added game driver for Us vs Them support (no samples)
– added game driver for Roadblaster
– added game driver for Interstellar
– added game driver for Cobra Command using MACH 3 hardware
– added speech synthesis to Thayer’s Quest
– added built-in parallel port support for Windows NT/2k/XP.
– fixed a few bugs in SDL.dll so that YUV hardware acceleration now works on almost all configurations (including most ATI cards).
– added an alternate overlay scoreboard for Dragon’s Lair and Space Ace
– added a cleaner set of Dragon’s Lair samples
– added support for large files over 4 gig
– added ‘home’ directory support (so created files such as daphne_log.txt can be created in a different location)
– added ability to disable the log file so it never gets created
– added line blending option to VLDP. This will help get rid of the annoying horizontal lines some people complain about, at the cost of reducing the vertical detail by half. Some people may prefer this to doing an inverse telecine and re-encoding their mpeg.
– added scanline simulation option to VLDP to give a more arcade look
– added test suite that exercises a number of functions to make sure they work across multiple platforms and hardware configurations
– fixed bug in VLDP where it would lock up if .dat file could not be created
– started removing dependence on Microsoft’s C library to avoid including extra DLL’s
– fixed bug where Daphne would fail if it is not run from its own directory
– added optional seek delay to simulate the delay that occurs when a laserdisc player seeks to a new frame
– switched VLDP so its uses YUY2 overlays instead of YV12 overlays. This improves compatibility and image quality.
– added ability to pause any game as long as the disc is playing
– fixed cpu timing so it stays accurate over a long period of time (instead of getting less accurate over time)
– added non-blocking seeking to the LD-V1000 driver to more closely emulate the original hardware. Previously, everything stopped while waiting for seeks to complete.
– DaphneLoader now properly defaults to ‘noldp’ mode if the game is not configured
– DaphneLoader now remembers where the window was previously
– added support for DLE v2.1 rom images
– fixed bug in Cliff Hanger driver where long seeks weren’t registering a ‘busy’ status
– added ability to save the static RAM (sram) on a regular basis so that high scores aren’t lost if Daphne is shut down improperly (ie powering off the PC)
– added better error messages for missing ROMs to help newbies troubleshoot easier
– unix no longer uses mmap for ogg audio streams because of problems with read-only file systems
– added ability to use a real Space Ace annunciator board with Space Ace by using -use_annunciator from command-line
– improved key remapping parser so it will never crash even if file is corrupt
– added support for more digital joysticks
– added ability to disable joysticks
– added ‘sticky coins’, which means that coin presses will never be lost even if daphne is in the middle of a seek
– optimized ogg audio callback so that the memory copy functionality is more efficient
– command-line buffer size has been increased to accomodate huge framefile paths
– added a warning to the logfile to try to steer newbies away from using ‘noldp’ mode

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