Un émulateur Sega Saturn disponible pour Windows dont la liste de compatibilités de cette version est disponibles ici.

Quoi de neuf depuis la version 0.0.8:

cd block:
– bug fixes
– improved timing

– added Action Replay emulation
– added 8/32 Mbit dram emulation
– added 4/8/32 Mbit backup ram emulation
– added 16 Mbit rom emulation
– added very early Netlink emulation

– added Stephane Dallongeville’s SCSP’s core. Thanks again Stef!
– fixed a couple of bugs that were causing movies to lock up.

– added Stephane Dallongeville’s 68k’s core. Thanks again Stef!
– fixed a few endian related bugs
– added debugger(still need disassembler though)

– added dsp emulation
– added dsp debugger
– added indirect dma emulation
– added timer0 emulation
– bug fixes

– added very basic SH2 direct peripheral mode
– added clock change commands
– added slave sh2 off/on commands
– fixed intback command timing
– bug fixes

– added FRT, WDT, and partial UBC emulation
– fixed a couple of opcode bugs
– re-added debugger
– added some early dynarec code

– added sprite priorities
– added color offset
– bug fixes

– added basic rbg0 emulation(no rotation, etc.)
– added backscreen emulation
– added caching
– added color offset
– added video mode changing
– added screen scrolling
– fix caching bug
– other bug fixes
– added early software video rendering. It’s still pretty much unuseable at this point

– added binary execution
– rewrote entire code in C for portability and speed
– fixed a number of configure bugs, added a few more command-line options
– fixed code so it’s 64-bit friendly
– added iso and bin/cue files support
– changed several parts of yabause to allow for multiple implementations of video, sound, and peripheral code.
– added save states(currently broken unfortunately)

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