Nouvelle version de WinUAE, le must de l’émulation AMIGA dont voici les changements:

Major bugs introduced in 1.0 fixed:
– Picasso96 graphics corruption after ALT-TAB
– Zipped Amiga Forever Kickstart ROM image decryption problem
– JIT FPU ACOS bug (incorrect result if argument was negative)

Older bugs fixed:
– More stable on the fly configuration loading
– In windowed mode Amiga window height was sometimes slightly
larger than requested size
– « the desktop is too small for the specified window size »-check
was not completely correct
– AHI recording mode memory leak
– Some Amiga monitor drivers work now properly (for example Euro36)
– Incorrect paths if WinUAE was run from networked drive
– Some custom chipset emulation bugs (Obliterator intro, Elfmania
scoreboard, Warp and others)
– Directory filesystem directory modification date bug if comment
or protection flags were modified
– Improved directory filesystem compatibility
– Rare disk emulation bug introduced in 0.9.90
– Action Replay statefile restore bug introduced in 0.9.90
– OCS/ECS color translation to native colors fixed. (this was bug
since the beginning of UAE..) Colors are now slightly brighter.
No effect on AGA-mode colors.

New features:
– Configurable Catweasel joystick support, MK4 mouse support added
(NOTE: Right and middle mouse button may not work with all mice,
requires Catweasel driver/firmware update)
– MMKeyboard support added
– Transparent « drive led status bar »
– SPTI (Windows 2K/XP) SCSI emulation includes non-CDROM SCSI devices
– Improved uaescsi.device SCSI interface selection
– Custom emulation updates (Death Trap, Loons Docs, Spanish Rose by
Creed, Filled Perspective by Zero Defects, Himalaya by Avalanche..)
– Improved default path setting, Amiga Forever 2005 paths supported
– More missing keycodes added to input-panel
– Copper debugger: tracing, single step and breakpoint
– Disk swapper: right button doubleclick in « Disk image »-column:
removes disk in disk swapper panel. right button singleclick in
« Drive »-column: remove disk in drive
– New-style ROM config entries (see below)
– Compressed hardfiles supported (limitations: max 100MB, all written
data will be lost after reset or exit, hardfile file name extension
must be either hdz, zip, rar or 7z)
– Hardfile drag&drop to harddisk-panel

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