Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur Multi-consoles (Gb/Gba/Lynx/Pcengine) dont voici les nouveautés:

– NES: Fixed a bug with the VRC6 sound emulation which was causing heap corruption and one sound channel to not work. The bug apparently came up between Nintencer 0.1.1 and Mednafen 0.2.0. Why didn’t anyone tell me… -_-
– PCE: Made significant optimizations to CPU emulation. The code’s a bit messier now, but I’ll clean it up if/when 0.4.0 is released.
– NES: Removed the high-level frameskipping code, since frameskipping is automatically used now, and it could easily break some games.
Removed the « -frameskip » command-line option, as it should not be needed anymore.
Unified a lot of the driver-side frame-skipping code.
– Fixed a startup bug(MainThreadID was being used before it was set) that was causing the « Starting Mednafen x.x.x » line to be lost.
Slightly restructured the « features » and « command line » sections of the documentation.
– PCE: Pressing the « Power » key now resets the internal RAM.
– All: Altered the shared music player interface, decreasing the brightness of the text, and adding pseudo-shadows.
– PCE: Added simple HES playback code.
– PCE: Altered noise emulation slightly, Ninja Ryukenden(and probably other games)’s music sounds more accurate now.
– Fixed alignment of the save state preview and selection box when emulating the PC Engine.

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