Nouvelle version WIP de Zsnes compilé par Ipher dont voici les nouveautés:

– ALL: Auto-increase save slot now shows the right slot onscreen, and works while recording movies as well. [grinvader]
– ALL: New frameskip code. [pagefault]
– ALL: SPC700 and DMA fixes [pagefault, Nach]
– ALL: Fixed SRAM Check+Save once and for all. [Jonas Quinn]
– ALL: Changed /8 to >>3, although mostly did this to test CVS commit ability. [Nach]
– ALL: Powercycling sequence corrected, should now work with everything – thanks to pagefault for pointing out the errors [grinvader]
– ALL: Stupid (and old) mistake successfully corrected after manual tracking, fixed bug #52, and probably lots of other sound issues upon state load… Thanks to jbo_85 for helping. [grinvader]
– ALL: Fixed sound after loading certain savestates. [Jonas Quinn]
– SDL: Removed dangerous checking of enviroment variable for user’s home path. [Nach]
– WIN: Added 1680×1050 FDR, and 1600×1200 FDR/FDS. [Aerdan]
– WIN: Fixed corrupted graphics when alt-tabbing [pagefault]
– SRC: Cleaner code for repackfunct, it was rather pitiful. [grinvader]
– SRC: Little source cleanup in spc700.asm [grinvader]
– SRC: Removed some alignment dependancy, removed some archaic code such as Dracula X hack. [Nach]

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