Cet émulateur vous permet d’émuler un Macintosh Plus sur différents OS comme Linux, Windows ou encore MacOS.

Version 2.7.1 now saves the display of error messages and the changing of cursor visibility for a more appropriate time, which should fix the two problems with the previous beta mentioned below. There are also a few changes to the new, and undocumented, build system. Hopefully I’ll be able to write up some documentation for it before the official release.

Late in the process of making a new beta, I discovered that the game Lunar Phantom didn’t work properly at 1x speed (again). This turned out to be because of some bugs in the VIA timer 1 emulation and the delayed task mechanism that were in 2.6.1 but previously masked. Fixing these also has the benefit that Mini vMac can now pass the tests of Apple’s MacCheck program when running faster than 1x (2.6.1 would pass only if ‘Limit Speed’ was on).

Sorry for the long delay. But now I’ve stopped travelling and will be in one place a couple months, and so can get some work done on Mini vMac.

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