De la news chez Charles:

Getting a bunch of PCBs to work with in the next few weeks: three CPS-2 ‘B’ boards (more on those next update), Shanghai for HD63484 tests, and a Quartet 2 board for my Sega addiction.. err, collection.

I’ll continue my CPS-2 research once the other games arrive. One of them has no battery so I can skip the annoying encryption and run tests directly, which will be a huge convenience. I think right now all the useful data that can be extracted from xmcota and pzloop2j has been obtained.

I acquired a Virtua Fighter boardset a while ago and am tracing out the board connections to figure out how everything works. Eventually I’d like to get my own code running on the system to investigate TGP functions and to document the Model 1 hardware, but in the meantime just figuring out the organization of everything is important. I ended up removing the V60 from a spare System 32 board to figure out the pin assignments for the QFP-variety V60 within a reasonable time frame, necessary for Model 1 work. The board is still functional, just needs a CPU now. 🙂

I adapted my System 32 software and USB loader program for the System Multi 32 and have been doing some preliminary tests. It’s a bit awkward swapping the JAMMA harness between both edge connectors to check the output of one screen or the other. The V70 is a lot faster than the V60 at just 4 MHz more, I think the 32-bit data bus helps a lot.

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