MFME est un émulateur de bandit manchot (jeux de hasard) européen.

Major improvements stemming from this include

No lamp slowdowns during Jackpot sequences etc, lamp drawing speed is significantly increased.
Resizing of the layout to any size you wish « on the fly »- no more not being able to play a 1280 layout on a 1024×768 screen

Absent Friends

You will find a few things missing this time around. Most noticably the design tools. This release is just intended to be a « player » only release. So you will need to continue to use MFME 2 for designing layouts and configurations. Adding design tools to
use the new component format is a significant amount of work, and is on the back burner for the time being.

Other Improvements

Many of the bugs reported in 2.0 have been fixed
BWB CHR Encryption has now been cracked
Speed is now set automatically it may be a tad too fast on some platforms
Draggable Reels
The Ability to switch off the About Box at startup
Animated lamp buttons that move when pressed or shortcut pressed, although this exposes some DX design features on some layouts
New format game manager with animated screen shot window and game platform filtering
SEC meter support, though no previously released games support it

Known Bugs/Features

Horizontal reels are not supported in this release
Some layouts will suffer from lamp « distortion » when reduced in size.
Some layouts might have the reel offsets incorrect.
Components that are placed outside the visible area of the screen will be deleted, this means some shortcuts might no longer function.
ACE stills suffers from coin in restarts 🙁
Auto throttling is currently fixed, so no speed adjustment is possible

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