Nouvelle version pour ce frontend multi-emulateurs dont voici les changements:

– Several bug fixes which I am not going to detail here as they’ve not been noticed or reported by others.
– Ability to navigate through pictures when viewing a slideshow.
– New deadzone settings available to shrink the display for TV and Arcade Monitor users.
– Implemented dialog box functionality, used to confirm for Update list and the next listed feature.
– Ability to remove games from MAME, emulators, and favourites lists with the delete key.
– Can now specify individual background images or videos for each emulator.
– Jukebox now lists albums with various artists now as just one album
– Ability to navigate alphabetically in games list with the number buttons on the Media Center remote (or keyboard)
– Pictures and video module now lists share or volume names for drives.
– Control responsiveness issues fixed in music visualize.
– Most played list now uses Startbak and not emulatorbak image.
– Attract mode videos now work when GameEx is windowed.
– GameEx now also in Danish thanks to Night.
– Now also available in Swedish thanks to Daniel Nylander.

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