Le développement de cet émulateur a débuté le 14/10/2004. Sa priorité est de servir d’outil de débugging et de posséder un code propre. Sa compatibilité est de l’odre de 10-20% et requiert une configuration assez musclée en comparaison avec ses concurrents.

# Greatly improved HDMA timing and accuracy with help from anomie and DMV27 — fixes bugs in Energy Breaker and Street Fighter Alpha 2
# Fixed a problem with color add/sub code — fixes opening battle in Tales of Phantasia and clouds in Energy Breaker
# Temporarily added DMV27’s bugfix for the DSP KON register — fixes sound in Der Langrisser, but this is not a hardware-accurate fix
# Disabled VRAM writes outside of vblank — fixes Hook, but breaks many PD ROMs and fan translations (Roto’s BS Zelda hack, Gideon Zhi’s Ys 4 translation, etc). I might add an option in the future to toggle this behavior, but for now these games will no longer work. Please keep in mind these games will not run properly on real SNES hardware, either.
# Improved frameskipping code thanks to a suggestion from Richard Bannister
# Misc. other code cleanups and improvements (notably in the color table generation code)
# bsnes is now endian-safe and runs on Mac OS X
# Added caching support for window clipping tables resulting in a slight speedup. Please let me know if you spot any errors as a result of this change.

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