Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur Megadrive/MegaCD/32X.. dont voici les changements:

1)3D Surround playback supported.

2)Some work on VSync.

3)Update Cool Music,some codes(Lowpass and echo)are taked form Gens+.

4)Drop file supprted agin.Only roms and ziped roms are supported now.-_-Some old versions of Gens32 even can play mp3 or make icons with this function…But some guys said that emulator sholdn’t like that…

5)Protcted Saves system added.Use this function to protect saves form some accident.Such as power cut.

6)Priority switch added.You can change Priority with it.

7)SEGA CD sample rate auto controller added,lowdown the sample rate if the sample rate is too high to play music.If you like to play SEGA CD at a heigh sample rate with out music,I am afraid that you have to use Gens32 v1.28 Seelama.

8)Fixed some bugs.

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