ScummVM est une implémentation du moteur SCUMM (Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion) utilisé dans plusieurs jeux LucasArts comme Monkey Island et Day of the Tentacle, bref une sorte d’émulateur du moteur d’origine de chez LucasArts.

les nouveautés:

New Games:
– Added SAGA engine (for the games « I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream »
and « Inherit the Earth »).
– Added Gob engine (for the Goblins series). Currently, only the first of
the Goblins games is supported.

New Ports:
– Added PlayStation 2 port.
– Added PlayStation Portable (PSP) port.
– Added AmigaOS 4 port.
– Added EPOC/SymbianOS port.
– Added fixes for OS/2 port.

– Reworked cursor handling in SDL backend. Now cursors can have their own
palette and scaling. This is used by Humongous Entertainment games now.
– Added FluidSynth MIDI driver.
– Added GUI for the « soundfont » setting. (Currently only used by the
CoreAudio and FluidSynth MIDI drivers.)
– The MPEG player could hang if the sound ended prematurely.
– Improved autoscaling GUI, which takes full advantage of your screen.
– Fixes for GCC 4.

– Added support for Mac Humongous Entertainment titles.
– Added support for multiple filenames/versions using a single target.
– Implemented CGA and Hercules render modes in early LEC titles.
– Added dialogs which are shown when you modify the talkspeed or music
volume using hotkeys.
– Added support for NES version of Maniac Mansion.
– Added thumbnail support for savegames.
– Broke compatibility with HE savegame (HE v71 and upwards only).
– Added possibility to disable building of HE and SCUMM v7 & v8 games
– Fixed the last few known music glitches in Sam & Max. (There are still
some – probably – minor missing features though.)
– Added support for Commodore64 version of Zak McKracken
– Eliminated all demos targets and platform-specific targets. Config file
is autoupdated.

– Made the resource manager expire resources more intelligently.
– Improved performance when playing the game from CD instead of hard disk.
– Simplified sound effects handling. Again.
– Code cleanups and restructuring.
– Fixed long-standing bug in decompressing sounds from the speech/music CLU
files. It was generating one sample too many, which could be heard as a
very slight popping noise at the end of some sounds. Files that have been
compressed with older versions of compress_sword2 will, of course, still
have the same error. You may want to regenerate them.

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