Mameplus à jour.

* brand new IPS features:
o easier context menu selection with unlimited combinations
o snapshot support
o multi language description. Chinese and English (incomplete) is currently available
o applying IPS at the time of rom loading
o rom crc validation support
o IPS Reloaded v1:

– modulized IPS, most IPS have their specific functions
– converted some legacy IPS to work with encrypted romset
* thanks to Flycboy who spent valuable time and effort making and testing
* please purge old IPS dir

* M68000 DRC:
o more efficient cache memory usage
o skip code change detection for static ROMs
* fixed crash when listing a long cheat (e.g. sfa2)
* fixed group view sorting for Japanese game list (post #975 on Japanese board)
* fixed tenkomor crash for Intel build
* fixed neonopon crash
* reverted v0.101u4 change to ms4plus romset
* added KOF 2001 Plus (set 1-2), Matrimelee (bootleg), KOF 2002 (bootleg, Plus set 1-3 , Magic Plus)
* changed some MAME32 GUI text to better match official core. e.g. Zoom > Force zoom level, Scanlines > Scanline intensity

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