Quelques infos du coté des fichiers permettant de trier les jeux sous mame:

I’m not dead!
OK, it HAS been 2 months now, I’ve gotten a few inquiries as to the status of the project.

So… I’m actively working on a new version of the tool I had been using to get data and build files. THIS one will allow me to enter category and version info without having to copy/paste back and forth between the files it creates and a … r e a l l y … s l o w … database program. It will allow any number of customized categories (translations, etc.) and should be safe for use by anyone, so that you can build that list of categories that identifies games where you play as a dog, chicken, turtle, fish, cat, penguin, dragon, or cow that you’ve always wanted. (Well, maybe now you want it.)

Anyway, I’m getting closer, but I’m not going guess at a date when it’ll be ready. I’d say « 2006 » in jest, but that year’s almost upon us now, so it isn’t funny any more.

Oh, and one more thing: I’d like to thank a certain mamedev for finally forcing this on me by pulling out the old -list* commands. If you look at my old news, the oldest item I’ve saved, from March 2004, was referring to my needing to do this! Thanks!

Patience donc…

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