Voila une ptite news pour commencer, faut bien mettre a jour.

Zsnes WIP (26/11) avec comme nouveautés :

ALL: Moved 3 variables over to packed types. Some optimization. [Nach]
SDL: Make most common sound case first. [TRAC]
SDL: Made sound processing use less CPU cycles. [Nach]
MOV: Corrected how movie dumping is handled in various circumstances. [Nach]
MOV: Added PCM audio dumping (only works at stereo 32000) (Thanks Bisqwit for code to get sample generation amount correct). [Nach]
SRC: Finished support for packed arrays. Fixed a parse bug. (parsegen) [Nach]
SRC: Pentium4m was off by a minor version. (archopt) [Nach]

bsnes 0.015 avec comme nouveautés :

This version adds GZ / ZIP / JMA archive support, joypad controller support, and C4 chip emulation support. Nach has graciously offered to host this release, please obtain it from there if at all possible. The forum thread is linked from the bsnes page.

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