Nouvelle version du plugin graphique OGL2 pour émulateur Playstation et Zinc créé par Pete.

– trickyfree suggested on my messageboard to have some different types
of the display stretching. Ok, done: beside the old « full screen
stretching » and « keep psx aspect ratio » modes, I’ve added two more
ways to stretch the psx display to your screen.

– ShadX and guest(r) are still doing amazing full screen shaders for
the OGL2 plugin. Therefore you can find many shaders in the
messageboard section of my site ( To make
the shaders somewhat faster, they suggested to get additional pre-
calculated values from the plugin. Done. Now the « OGL2InvSize »
uniform is available for new GLslang shaders… let’ em coming 🙂

– Well, I have got a Geforce 6800 Ultra card over half a year ago, and
while trying to make this baby sweat, I’ve added an « Ultra high »
internal Y resolution mode. If you want to activate this, you will need
a card with 4096×4096 texture size support (newer NV cards or ATI’s
1XXXX ones), and 256 MB vram is also recommended. By the way:
the rendering speed will still be very high with this new setting,
but psx framebuffer effects can now last a couple of seconds (!!!).
Therefore this « ultra » resolution is not really usable with psx games
which are doing much FB effects. You are warned 🙂

– In july 2003 I’ve started this PSX OGL2 plugin. Basic idea: don’t map
the psx drawing commands on-the-fly to the PC’s gfx card’s backbuffer
(like my Standard OGL and D3D plugins are doing it), but to create a
offscreen buffer in the same size as the real PSX GPU vram (or a
multiple of it), and draw into that buffer. Well, by this time the
only way to do this was to use « P-buffers » in OpenGL, and yeah, I got
it to work nicely.
Much later (spring 2005) a nicer way to handle offscreen buffers were
added to the OpenGL specifications, called « framebuffer objects ».
FBOs promise a better speed, and are easier to handle than the clumsy
P-buffers, so I finally decided to add them in my plugin as well.
You can change the render mode in the plugin config, if you are looking
for some more speed, but to be honest: on my system every PSX game
runs like mad (without frame limitation), so I cannot tell if FBOs
are really faster. You have to try it yourself…

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