ZetaMAME32 est enfin à jour sur MAME v0.103u1.

ZetaMAME32 v0.103u1 Updated
Updated to MAME 0.103u1 – MAME32 0.103

ZetaMAME32 v0.103u1 Changed
Added ‘Capture Snapshot’ feature. (USE_CAPTURE_SNAPSHOT macro)
Shortcut key: [Right shift + F12].
It saved and captured all snapshot of visiable screen. (Captured file saved snap or preview/snap folder)

Changed source codes of ‘Safe Exit’ feature. (USE_EMULATION_CLOSE macro)
Force exit key: [Shift + ESC], [Alt + F4] or [Close Game] key in Extra Controls setting.

Official Release Build
English build: UI Font included 2 fonts in Advanced tab. (12pt height, 8pt height)
General build: UI Font included 6 fonts in Advanced tab. (12pt, 8pt height, korean, japanese, Simplified and Traditional Chinese fonts)

About included command list files for new style (0.103 or higher)
I’ll update English command list files for New style. (but update slow)
Added command list (4 games).
1941 (cps1.c): 1941 – Counter Attack
3wonders (cps1.c): Three Wonders / Wonder 3 (Japan)
captcomm (cps1.c): Captain Commando
cawing (cps1.c): Carrier Air Wing / U.S. Navy (Japan)

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