Nouvelle version pour le bios de Razoola destiné aux systèmes Mvs/Aes de SNK.

Additions / Changes / Fixes

* The splash screen will no longer show twice or more (on multislots) after the backup memory is reset.
* The memory card format option will no longer wipe the region stored in the memory card on AES hardware.
* The arcade protect setting can now have either the testmode button pressed or HardDIP 1 on (force test mode) to get access back to the button Codes on the splash screen.
* Made visual improvements to the main memory card manager menu.
* Cleaned up screens and messages in the memory card manager, test mode and hardware test.
* Changed the Cheat database storage slightly. It now takes less space in the Bios which is good thing as space was beginning to become quite tight.
* Fixed the AES hardware test code (A+B+D) so it also works after the splash screen is drawn.
* Fixed the hardware error message from disapeering on AES hardware as soon as the hardware test button code (A+B+D) was released.

Fixes (game related)

* Fixed the AES version of ‘King of Fighters 2003’ from crashing after exiting the ingame menu (bug introduced in 2.1).
* Fixed ‘Andro Dunos’ to start attract mode correctly on AES hardware.
* Fixed ‘Andro Dunos’ 1up not being able to continue on the last credit in a two player game in console mode if started with 3 credits each.
* Fixed Fight Fever to work correctly when freeplay is enabled (start was not responding).
* Fixed garbage in ‘Alpha Mission II’ bonus rate SOFTDip setting on AES hardware.
* Stopped SVC level select showing in a two player game when in arcade mode on AES hardware.

Cheats / CRC Database

* Added cheat so that Irtating Maze is playable with 1up joystick (hold buttons B or C for different speeds). This cheat has not yet been tested on real hardware.
* Added cheat allowing boss characters to show in AES mode with ‘Art of Fighting 3’.
* Added cheat to enable blood in ‘Samurai Shodown 5 Special’.
* Added cheats to play as bosses in ‘Voltage Fighter’.
* Added cheats so 1up can play as bosses in ‘Fatal Fury 2’, (can cause crashes).
* Added cheats and crc info for ‘Lansquenet 2004’ hack.
* Added cheats and crc info for ‘King of Gladiators’ hack.
* Added crc info for ‘The King of Fighters 2002 Magic Plus II’.
* Added crc info for ‘King of Fighters 10th Unique’.
* Fixed the ‘Sengoku 3’ boss unlock cheat to add bosses into the mini character select (happens after continue) if the cheat was enabled after a game had started.
* Fixed incorrectly labeled 2up autofire cheat in ‘Metal Slug 2’.

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