Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur de Commodore C64 dont voici les changements:

11 January 2005 v1.0.4.1
1) Fixed GPF in Insert New Blank Disk.
2) Disk write protection bug fix.

11 January 2005 v1.0.4.0
1) Disk file support is expanded to include Vincent Joguin’s FDI (Flexible Disk Image)
and G64 (Raw GCR Binary). G64 files can be loaded but not saved. FDI files can be both
loaded and saved. FDI support is limited to the Raw Pulse Stream Tracks format.

2) Non standard track layout D64 files are loaded more correctly but will save only as
FDI. Standard track layout D64 files will save as normal.

3) The 1541 emulation is enhanced to support bitwise resolution of disk tracks. Magnetic
disk pulses are specified to a resolution of 16Mhz. No more than one pulse can be
specified with in the same 1Mhz band arc of any track. G64 files effectively specify a
bit resolution between 0.3Mhz and 0.25Mhz depending on the speed zone setting.

4) The 1541 floppy disk controller emulation includes all relevant internal counters
and shift registers.

5) 1541 VIA port latching and handshaking is now emulated.

6) Improved handling of disk protect sensor while swapping disks.

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