Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur de Commodore C64 dont voici les changements:

16 January 2005 v1.0.4.5
1) The length of time taken to reset the noise waveform via the « test bit » has been set
to 7 seconds. Version and lower never reset the noise waveform. Version
accommodated the SounDemons emulation detector test by introducing a reset delay that
took a tiny fraction of a second. As a result some noise bases sid files will play
correctly as they did in version

16 January 2005 v1.0.4.4
1) Version may suffer poor performance on a host CPU with L2 cache 256Kb or less.
The interpolation filter kernel size has now been slightly reduced to restore performance.

2) The sprite collision timing has been delayed by two pixels. As a result,
Emu-Fuxx0r V1 compatibility has been added in addition to existing Emu-Fuxx0r V2

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