Il s’agit d’un émulateur NES pour Windows créé par Martin Freij. Cet ému dispose de plusieurs fonctions bien sympatiques comme le Game Genie, VS System, Famicom Disk System, player de son NSF, sauvegardes/Slots, patch IPS, enregistrement video/audio etc…

Windows Fixes:

* Configuration file parse error after cheats were saved.
* Unquoted executable name on the command line.
* Archive filenames using non-ascii characters.
* File association bug.
* Katakana characters when using the ‘clipboard-to-NES-screen’ feature.
* Slight texel-to-pixel mapping inaccuracy.

Emulator Additions:

* NTSC composite video emulation. Requires a fast computer. Implementation by Blargg and NewRisingSun.
* Mapper 27.

Emulator Changes:

* Took out the database names. Too many errors.

Emulator Fixes:

* Mapper 16 IRQ timing. Fixes SD Gundam Gaiden – Knight Gundam Monogatari 2 – Hikari no Kishi.
* King of Fighters 99 (no-frame-IRQ hack).
* Save state errors with MMC3 games.
* Blitter producing garbage on screen (rare occasions).
* Some ISO C++ misstakes.

Télécharger Nessie 1.02 (210,2 Ko)

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