Les versions windows et Dos avec son+couleur et émulant les jeux commerciaux, par contre la version incluant le debugger reste payante. Voici les très nombreux changements (avec support de la DS):

– help: uploaded new gbatek standalone version v2.2 (with nds specifications)
– exe/help: replaced upx compressor by nocash packer (without opcode filters)
– nds: applies bottom lcd (touchscreen) video output to correct window-owmer
– nds: applies mouse/touchscreen to correct window-owmer (in multi-machine mode)
– nds: auto-initializes touchscreen calibration (both with/without firmware.bin)
– nds: no$fmw: included nocash firmware xmit binary as overlay in no$gba.exe
– help: added notes about new NDS emulation (on things that aren’t yet working)
– exe: exported windows-help to separate upx-compressed overlay (as in dos ver)
– nds: vram viewer: matched user-grid, bg-scyx, oam-redbox to NDS resolution
– nds: xboo: saves backup of original firmware header on HDD and in flash memory
– nds: xboo: includes crypt key in firmware for NDS-decryption (if BIOS dumped)
– nds: xboo: download functions for dumping NDS firmware, BIOSes, and GBA-carts
– nds: xboo: patch/restore functions for (un-) installing nocash firmware
– nds: xboo: help: xboo-circuit optionally fmw/rfu, and dsub/cntr pin numbers
– nds: xboo: high-speed upload connection Dta7bit/Clk1bit (ca. 700 KBytes/sec)
– nds: no$fmw: menu: property sheet, check boxes, radio buttons, edit buttons
– nds: no$fmw: menu: settings/time, touchscreen/temperature calibration, etc.
– nds: no$fmw: gui: joypad, touchscreen (lower), mouse/touchpad (upper) controls
– nds: no$fmw: auto adjusts daylight saving time (should work, but not tested)
– nds: no$fmw: allows to boot NDS-images from NDS-slot, or from NDS-Xboo-cable
– nds: no$fmw: allows to load/boot small NDS-images to/from firmware memory
– nds: no$fmw: allows to load/boot NDS/GBA/PASSME-images to/from GBA-flashcards
– nds: lcd: re-activated rotscal params, working for GBA and BOTH NDS engines
– nds: lcd: emulates extended affine bitmap modes
– nds: direct boot: initializes ioports, and cp15, loads newest user settings
– help: nds: added DMA chapter, GBA-mode chapter, and keypad chapter
– help: nds: rev.engineered/described RTC interrupt (shared with rcnt SI-line)
– help: nds: added sound chapters (channels, control, capture, block diagram)
– nds: emulates touchscreen, wramstat, vramstat, exmemstat
– help: nds: described undoc wramstat, vramstat, exmemstat, dmafill registers
– help: nds: added cartridge secure area, icon/title, passme, I/O port chapters
– help: nds: described how to interprete touch screen calibration values
– nds: help: CpuFastSet: only 1st QUARTER uses FAST 32-byte-blocks, rest is SLOW
– nds: resurrecred GBA mode (dis-chains NDS co_vals on NDS to GBA mode switch)
– a22i: added « .no_auto_run » directive (don’t load non-game-cart files into emu)
– nds: emu: emulates ZERO unused/write-only ports (instead GBA-style prefetch)
– nds: xboo: replaced 1N4148 diodes by BAT85 diodes for stable SPI connection
– nds: xboo: added firmware dump/patch items in guiutility
emote access menu
– nds: xboo: automatically sends reset & provokes lockdown to get a spi free bus
– nds: xboo: nocash firmware running in emu, using nds « .pack_lz77/key1/crc16 »
– a22i: new « .pack_nds_key1 » directive (only firmw, rev/down, modulo C, level 2)
– a22i: new « .pack_crc16 dest_label[,initial] » directive (start by .pack_org $)
– nds: xboo: programmed overall skeleton nocash firmware version
– a22i: lz77 compress now working (start by « .pack_org » finish by « .pack_lz77 »)
– a22i: added new desired origin target parameter to « .pack_org » directive
– help: corrected length in bit0-20 for CpuSet and CpuFastSet (not in bit0-15)
– a22i: accepts ARM instructions « ALU Rd,Rm » (abbreviations for « ALU Rd,Rd,Rm »)
– a22i: fixed crash on « MOV R0,XX 1 » whereas XX 1 invalid formula (unlike XX+1)
– cpu: squeeze: ANYMEM removed seq code for areas with same timing as non-seq
– cpu: squeeze: ANYMEM/mem_read_breaks checks brks, then executes normal ANYMEM
– cpu: speedup: stores memaccess_addr prior to ANYMEM (instead « nnn OR adr »)
– cpu: speedup: ANYMEM bypasses addr_clks_table for regions with fixed timings
– nds: help: added cart filesystem chapter, firmware header/settings chapters
– nds: debug version: added NitroROM filesystem viewer window (if any)
– nds: direct boot: decrypts 2K secure area (only if rom-image is encrypted)
– nds: a22i « .fix » directive (plus .nds) encrypts first 2K secure area (if any)
– nds: a22i « .fix » directive (plus .nds) fixes logo,secure,header,icon CRCs
– nds: a22i « .nds » directive creates target files with « .NDS » extension
– nds: direct boot: optionally bypasses ugly slow bios/firmware intro
– nds: timings: recurses cycles per scanline, scanlines per picture & per vblank
– nds: dma: moved NDS9 dma-mode bits, DS-gamecart DMA, disabled NDS7 hblank-dma
– nds: cartloader detects nds-passme images, direct boot works with diff entry
– nds: cartloader identifies NDS gamecarts by header CRC (switches NDS/GBA mode)
– nds: help: described cart protocol KEY1-commands in raw/unencrypted format
– nds: emulates firmware bootmenu, io_lists: emulates nds gamecart
– nds: lcd-core displays second screen in game window, and in debug mode
– nds: lcd-core displays second screen, lcd-core handles vram_table
– nds: allocated DOUBLE sinline_bufseg in EMP-GSET, for GBA-LCD, for 2 screens
– nds: vram viewer: displays second screen (by engine A/B buttons)
– nds: vram viewer: supports BG maps, added Engine buttons to all screens
– nds: creates second nds-machine, and dis-creates it in gba-mode
– nds: lcd: suppresses lcd_refresh_request on NDS7 machine (lcd by NDS9 only)
– nds: lcd: emulates OBJs, vram_table, variable boundary, moved dimension bit
– nds: lcd: disabled undoc green swap in NDS mode (supported in GBA mode only)
– nds: emulates ANYMEM vram bank-switching in 16K units by new vram_table
– nds: expanded NDS9 io_lists to 800h+80h (3D_Engine + and 2D_Engine_B area)
– nds: allows NDS9 firmware to read from DMA reg 40000B0h at least as dummy
– nds: added EXTKEYIN port 4000136h to NDS7 io_lists
– nds: expanded NDS7 io_lists to 800h (sound registers), plus dummy WLAN region
– nds: added new NDS9 io_list entries 400006xh (video), 40000Exh (dmafilldata)
– nds: emulates access to power managment device and touch screen controller
– nds: emulates all firmware flash memory commands (write, erase, status, etc)
– nds: emulates full SPI bus with different modes, irqs, devices etc.
– nds: help: added Power Managment Device, and SPI bus, and IPC chapter
– nds: help: added TSC touch screen chapter (touchscr, microphone, temperature)
– nds: help: added RTC real time clock chapter (port, time, date, alarm, etc)
– nds: emulates rtc real time clock, uses system time/date & own stat/alarm regs
– nds: xcept: allows NDS9 firmware to zerofill invalid ports 4000058h/400005Ch
– nds: xcept: allows NDS7 user code jump to BIOS addr 2DD4h (irq return addr)
– nds: xcept: allows ITCM high-mirror at 1FF8000h (aka 1000000h aka 0000000h)
– nds: xcept: allows bios accesses LDR/STR [3FFFFF8h], and LDM [3FFFFD0h],r0-r11
– nds: xcept: ignores IntrWait bug with R12=18h (firmware decompression garbage)
– nds: xcept: zero-irq-vector-check on NDS addresses (DTCM+3FFCh and 380FFFCh)
– nds: xcept: allows/expects nds7 shared ram at (37F8000h aka/instead 3000000h)
– nds: xcept: allows bios to execute mis-aligned 32bit write to [40001A1h]
– nds: xcept: allows bios to fill last 32K main RAM at 27F8000h (aka 23F8000h)
– nds: xcept: allows NDS9 hi_bios jumps FFFF0xxxh and FAKE_TCM 080xxxxh accesses
– nds: xcept: allows NDS9 BIOS boot at FFFF0194h to write garbage to 27E57FEh
– nds: xcept: allows NDS debug ver-style 4K mirror at 27FF000h (aka 23FF000h)
– nds: xcept: allows BIOS-« tricks » memfill/irqvect at 3FFFFxxxh (aka 3800Fxxxh)
– nds: reproduced ARM7 execution time R0*4 clks in 80×86-emulated WaitByLoop
– nds: emulates ipc fifo control/status/interrupts, and send / receive queues
– nds: redirects high ports (4100000h and 4100010h) to nds in_list & out_list
– nds: cpu2cpu emulates interrupt send/enable (used later on in firmware)
– nds: cpu2cpu provokes instant machine switch (for firmware 232EEF0h/37FFB38h)
– nds: emulates nds9 irq/swi exception execution via high-vectors at FFFF0000h
– nds: added 2nd FAKE_TCM area for firmware dtcm=3000000h (in shared ram area)
– nds: customized adjust_pc for NDS7 host for split ram at 3000000h and 3800000h
– nds: customized debug ADJUST_ADDR for NDS7 host (ram at 3000000h and 3800000h)
– nds: faked gamecart irq, relocated IF (lcd,timer,dma,sio,etc) to NDS addresses
– mds: debugger shows current machine host (NDS7, NDS9, or GBA) in statusbar
– nds: emulates FAKE_TCM at fixed/default locations dtcm=0/800000h,itcm=1000000h
– nds: mounted ARM9 engine, chained-in 2nd vals with co_machine pointer
– nds: created ANYMEM for ARM9, supporting HI_BIOS area, init ARM9 addrbaselist
– nds: created NDS9 in_lists and out_lists, emulated SQRT and DIV registers
– nds: verified all machine loops for use with 2nd nds-machine (except gba-set)
– nds: dummy feedback for CPU2CPU communication, and for ROMCTRL busy flags
– nds: mounted new ANYMEM system for NDS7 host, split area nds7 ram/shared ram
– nds: created nds7 in_lists, expanded IE and IF to 32bit, emulated firmware bus
– nds: bios loader: shows warning on invalid BIOSNDS7.ROM/BIOSNDS9.ROM checksums
– webpage: new paypal email address, and new donate page (for freeware projects)
– help: removed all « (formerly ..) » names, expanded ports from NNNh to 4000NNNh
– xed32: selectable line-wrap length (65 or 77 columns), fixed line-wrap bug
– xed32: scrollbar works with >65535 lines, hex-scroll doesn’t end at chr(1Ah)
– lcd: speedup: fixed fatal « test_bg_rotated » bitmap BUG (refx/refy exchanged)
– cpu: suppressed base-writeback on NDS7:BIOS:1CD4h THUMB ldmia [r0]!,r0,r3
– cpu: bugfix: illegal opcode « arm_11_ldmib_usr_wb » acted as STM (instead LDM)
– cpu: emulates invalid « stmib [rb]!,rlist^ » (userbank/writeback) (nds firmware)
– cpu: ignores misaligned thumb target address on « subs r15 » (for nds firmware)
– memory: mount_system switches between GBA and NDS memory allocation & host
– memory: cleaned initaddrbasemask, new memadr_, formerly addr_
– bios: debug/disass: added complete BIOS datazones and cpuzones for NDS7/NDS9
– bios: debug/disass: added SWI auto-comments and auto-labels for NDS7/NDS9
– bios: simulates all NDS7/NDS9 bios SWIs by 80×86 code (except callbacks)
– help: bios: nds: described all new and changed NDS7/NDS9 bios SWI functions
– bios: simulates IntrWait swi4/swi5 by 80×86 code (no longer using minibios)
– anymem: moved memaccess list to vals layer (for gba/nds7/nds9 memory hosts)
– anymem: cleaned up source by splitting code into separate anym sub-macros
– anymem: exported warnings to non-macro procs, access_abort « exitm » (saves 12K)
– help: nds: added firmware flash chip, firmware header, and encryption chapters
– windows: allows break-out from emucore even if windows sound timer locked-up
– win98: returns zero on WM_ACTIVATE (to regain full keyboard focus under win98)
– power saving: HLT opcode in DOS debug/gui/emucore, Sleep(1) in Win98 emucore
– internal: recombined frameskip handlers for gmb/gba/retro versions

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