Applewin est un émulateur Apple IIe pour Windows développé par Oliver Schmidt (et basé sur AppleWin v1.10 de Michael O’Brien). Depuis que ses sources ont été releasé, de nouveaux builds non officiels sont sortis. Celui ci est l’oeuvre de Tom Charlesworth.

– Fixed crash-bug in C++ 65C02 emu code for opcode $7C : JMP (ABS,X)
– Updated help file (by Brian Broker)
– Added ability to use Shift+Insert to paste from clipboard during emulation
– Added buttons to Config->Sound tab to select Mockingboard (s4 & s5), Phasor (s4) or none
– Removed keyboard buffer from Config->Input (this was redundant from
– Fixed speaker click (eg. when selecting disk image)
– Added check to prevent loading old & incompatible 6502 DLLs (caused random 6502 crashes to monitor)
– Added support for AE’s RAMWorks III, which adds up to 8MB (cmd-line switch only):
. -r : where #pages = [1..127], each page is 64KB.
. NB. The following aren’t saved out to the save-state file yet:
. Phasor card (only the Mockingboards are)
. RAMWorks card

Télécharger Msvcr71.dll (179,7 Ko)

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