ScummVM est une implémentation du moteur SCUMM (Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion) utilisé dans plusieurs jeux LucasArts comme Monkey Island ou Day of the Tentacle. Pour rappel, les jeux d’aventure LucasArts utilisaient SCUMM (jusqu’à Grim Fandango, même si Grim en utilise une version très modifiée), et les jeux Revolution Software (Beneath a Steel Sky, Broken Sword 1 & 2) utilisaient un tout autre système, tout comme Flight of the Amazon Queen.
Mais si ScummVM porte ce nom, c’est parce que le support des jeux de Revolution (et de Flight of the Amazon Queen) est plus récent et n’a été possible que grâce au concours des développeurs des jeux en question. ScummVM n’a longtemps supporté que les jeux à base de SCUMM d’ou son nom. En résumé il s’agit donc d’une sorte d’émulateur du moteur d’origine de chez LucasArts et plus encore.

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Voici les améliorations:

– More descriptive game titles in all engines.
– Fixed crash when trying to apply aspect-ratio correction to games that
cannot use it.
– Fixed potential security vulnerability with oversized PATH environment
– Lowered the default gain for the FluidSynth music driver and made it

– Scrolling fixes in COMI, so it is less CPU-hungry.
– Added support for Maniac Mansion NES German version.
– Fixed mouse button states in COMI.
– Fixed overflow when using control panel for robot in the Dig.
– Added support for sound code, used by songs in HE games.
– Improved shadows in later HE games.
– Fixed subtitles glitches in HE games.
– Improved music/sound for HE games.
– Improved support for international versions of HE games.
– Improved support for Macintosh versions of games.
– Fixed several minor bugs.

– Fix crash when speed/volume sliders are clicked and then dragged out
of the scummvm window.

– Fixed disappearing cursor when level password is typed in
– Warn user if he tries to run CD version directly from CD under Windows

– Fix digital music playback under BE systems.

– Implemented more precise MD5-based game detection.
– Added Polish support for Simon the Sorcerer 2.
– Fixed fades during ride to goblins camp in Simon the Sorcerer 2.
– Fixed palette delay at the end of Simon the Sorcerer 1.
– Fixed sound looping in Windows version of Simon the Sorcerer 2.

– Fixed a bug where looping sounds would keep playing during cutscenes or
when displaying any form of control panel dialog.
– The save game dialog would erroneously claim an I/O error occurred if the
savegame list had unused slots, and savegames were compressed.
– Fixed a scrolling bug which caused the finale sequence to be displayed

– Fixes and cleanups to the end credits. The German credits work now.
– Fixed missing speech/music in the second half of the game, reported to
happen in some versions of the game.

PS2 Port:
– Completely reworked and now really goes official.

PSP Port:
– Fixed a bug that caused Broken Sword 1, and games that use ripped CDDA
tracks (most notably the CD version of Monkey Island 1), to stop
functioning properly after a while.

WinCE Port:
– Check backends/wince/README-WinCE for the latest news
– Fixed disappearing panel when opening a list widget in GUI
– Knakos patches (QVGA smartphones fix, easier key binding and panel

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