Il s’agit d’un émulateur NES pour Windows créé par Martin Freij. Cet ému dispose de plusieurs fonctions bien sympatiques comme le Game Genie, VS System, Famicom Disk System, player de son NSF, sauvegardes/Slots, patch IPS, enregistrement video/audio etc…

Windows Additions:

* Automatic joystick axes recalibration.
* More video filter options.

Windows Changes:

* ::GetLongPathName() is now used in conjunction with ::GetCommandLine().
* Better logic for when and when not to preserve the NES picture scale factor in fullscreen.
* Minor aestetic fixes.

Windows Fixes:

* Crash on start in 98/ME.
* Crash on exit when two or more video devices are present.
* Invalid fullscreen view on dual displays.
* Parameter change in ::CompareString() for 98/ME/2k compatibility.
* Correct LIB linking order for MSLU.
* Bug in WM_DROPFILES and WM_COPYDATA handlers.
* Certain input keys are now ignored. Fixes some japanese keyboards.
* Can now parse unquoted filenames from the command-line.

Emulator Additions:

* MD5 instead of CRC when checking for modified data.
* New image file CRCs for auto detection of controllers.
* Database entries.

Emulator Changes:

* NTSC filter optimizations.
* Minor palette modifications.
* __attribute__ ((fastcall)) removed. Seems to be broken in GCC.

Emulator Fixes:

* Some NTSC filter bugs.
* Patch for « My Life My Love – Boku no Yume – Watashi no Negai » to use another revision of the MMC3 chip.
* NST_ASSERT() macro bug on platforms other than Win32.

Télécharger Nessie 1.02 (210,2 Ko)

Télécharger Crazy Chip (ASM) 8.0.2 (16,7 Ko)

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