Encore du WIP chez RockNES par Fx3 :

– I did the sprites behaviour fix. There are a few quirks left, but it would require a more detailed logging… to the next release. ^_^;; Anyway, I’m very happy with the current state of RockNES emulation. Version 5.0 means a breakthrough – just play it and tell me. From this point, things becore cleaner and easier.

-The release might happen today. If not, tomorrow. I’m unsure about the command line behaviour though… The mouse acting as controller is a nice idea too – trying to add it tonite.

– Ah, yes… the mappers. Well, the main problem lies on IRQ timing… on MMC3 mainly (mapper 4). I won’t promise any fixes for now, but I’ll take a look on every emulated mapper.

– It’s been 1 year since the last release to public. Cya!